Assassins Creed 4 Fleet and companion app

So as some of you know, ac4 is out and has the option of the kenways fleet which is a bunch such as the assassins missions to my understanding. i pre-ordered the game when it came out so it came with the uplay passport which is now obsolete and uplay has added it as free because of major issues with the fans. heres my question, how the bloody hell do you work the fleet and the companion app?
i have browsed everywhere on line about the in game fleet, i cant access the map with all the possible routes. i have uplay as i have said before but i can only access a screen that sais
'add a dock'
'salvage a ship from fleet'
'salvage this ship for ____ "
i cant get to the map, so how do you get the darn thing to work?
also, i have the companion app and logged onto my uplay account thinking this would bypass using the fleet in the game, but it will not let me do anything. says i need to sync the game with uplay, okay, again, how the bloody hell do i do that?

im sure i am not the only one with these questions so the answers here will be valuable.
thanks ahead of time mates, hopefully it will be resolved soon.

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